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Meet the robots!

Miss Tick, the Movo

The Movo is our mobile manipulation platform from Kinova Robotics. Miss Tick is quite impressive: she can play the ukulele and knows how to write several alphabets!

Winnie, the Baxter

Winnie is shy, but she's an expert at pick and place, and has learned to understand natural language task specifications.

Iorek, the Baxter

Iorek is a proud Baxter, but knows when to ask for help!

Detritus, the KUKA iiwa7

Detritus is learning to manipulate objects.

Dorfl, the KUKA iiwa7

Dorfl is learning motor skills with imitation learning.


Our Kuri robots are learning to recognize human activities and answer queries about them. In the meantime, they sing pancake songs, meow with pleasure, and constantly drive into things.